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Facebook Messenger's Free Voice Call Option Rolling Out to US iPhone Users

Facebook Messenger's iPhone app was updated a couple of weeks ago and added the ability to send audio messages. Along with that came free calling through VoIP (through Wi-Fi or Cellular data), but was only available to Canada iPhone users.

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Instant Messenger iPhone App Imo Updated with VoIP Calling

Instant messenger iPhone app Imo has been updated to add voice calling, better known as VoIP. The app is very popular as it offers an option to connect various IM accounts such as Facebook, Google Chat, MSN, Yahoo, etc.

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AT&T Launches App for Calling International Destinations Through VoIP

AT&T has release an app for calling to international destinations from the US, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. The app, which is available for free, offers international calls through VoIP.

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Skype Launches Skype Wifi App to Connect to Their Wifi Network Around the World

Skype has launched today their Skype Wifi app aimed at those international travelers that want to avoid hefty data bills from their carriers. How does it work?

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Skype 5.3 for Mac Update Brings Lion Compatibility and HD Video Call

Skype has updated its Skype app for Mac and one of the most important features is compatibility with Mac OS X Lion. It was just about time for this update because Lion has been on the market for over two weeks already.

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Skype for iPad Finally Available

Skype has finally made available their long awaited and teased native app for the iPad See video below). Leaked over a month ago, Skype for iPad was long awaited and users grew impatient.

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