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Groupon Buys Recommendations App Ditto, Goes Offline on April 30

Just over a year ago I have the chance to chat with Jyri Engestrom, founder of microblogging platform Jaiku, former Googler and at the moment founder of Ditto, an iPhone app that goes beyond checking in at locations.

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Netflix Tries to Make Good, Ends Up Complicating Things Even More

What has happened to Netflix? First they announced a price increase in its DVD services + Streaming and customers go wild. Nobody liked that decision. And this led to a rare video and blog post by Netflix's CEP Reed Hastings late last night and that you can see below.

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TaskRabbit for iPhone Lets You Outsource Your Daily Chores and Tasks

Are you a person that barely has time to do those domestic chores? Or just too busy to go pick up something and deliver it to another place? What if there was a service that is non-specific to something that allows to pay somebody to do those tasks for you? Look no more, here is TaskRabbit.

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Careful of Where Do You Go to Modify the Look of Your iPhone

Is interesting how these days there is a growing number of businesses center around servicing smartphones. These businesses offer different kinds of modifications such as changing the look, casing, covers and even inside such as jailbreaking and rooting, in the case of Androids.

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AT&T Updates Data Plans for Smartphones

AT&T Updates Data Plans for Smartphones preparing for the soon to be release iPhone 4th generation. AT&T: " Today we're announcing updates to our data plans, & we wanted you to hear it from us first. Until now, we've had a one size fits all data plan, & we've gotten a lot of feedback on it. Moving forward, new customers can choose from 2 data packages based on their typical usage. Existing customers have the option to switch but are not required to. More info:"

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