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Apple Releases OS X Security Update, Minor Safari Update

Along with today's iOS update, Apple has released a Security Update for OS X. The OS X Security Update also includes a minor update to Safari for OS X.

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Safari for Mac Updated to Enable Java Plug-in on a Website by Website Basis

Apple updated Safari for Mac today to bring the option to enable Java plug-in in a website by website basis. This new setting on Safari 6.0.4 is a much need one on Apple's browser.

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Apple Releases Safari 6.0.2 and iPhoto 9.4.2

Apple released Safari 6.0.2 and iPhoto 9.4.2 updated for OS X. The update to Safari is all about security, while iPhoto for Mac brings new features and improvements.

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Nitrous Unlocks the Nitro JavaScript Engine to Give Chrome and Third-party Browsers Speed [Jailbreak]

One of the main complaints about third-party browsers on iOS is that these can't access the Nitro JavaScript engine that is at the heart of Apple's Safari browser. This puts browsers like Chrome in a disadvantage against Safari in terms of speed.

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Safari 6 for OS X Lion Brings Unified URL and Search Box, Offline Reading List and More

Apple has updated Safari for OS X Lion users. Safari 6 brings some features available on Safari for Mountain Lion, but the obvious features that are missing are sharing, tab view and iCloud tabs.

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Add Chrome's Omnibar to Safari for iPhone with This Jailbreak Tweak

One of the best features Chrome has, both on desktop and mobile, is the Omnibar. It is a feature that allows the url bar to also act as a search bar, therefore, you can type an url or a search term on the same place.

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Mozilla is Currently Working on an iPad Browser [Video]

Mozilla is currently working to officially enter the browser game on the iPad. Currently they have a Firefox app that syncs tabs and bookmarks, but nothing else, no browser. Now that's all about to change with a browser they are currently working on, code named "Junior".

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This Tweak Lets You Save Safari Pages to Pocket [Jailbreak]

If you are a Pocket user, formerly known as Read It Later, then you will like this tweak. It is called PocketSafari and it allows you to save Safari pages to Pocket.

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Free Premium TV Channels on Your iPhone and iPad with iOSLiveTV

Want to see ABC, NBC or ESPN for free on your iPhone and iPad? It is very easy and all you need is an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with an Internet connection.

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Hands On: OpenOffice on the iPad

Last week we posted about OpenOffice coming to the iPad via the Safari web browser thanks to rollapp. Access to OpenOffice through rollapp was limited to beta testers, but users could register to get in line.

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