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Radio Shack to Offer $30 Discount on the iPhone 4 and 4S

The iPhone 4 and 4S are getting some love again from Radio Shack. The electronics retailer is scratching off $30 of the Apple handsets starting tomorrow through December 17.

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iPad 2 Available in Radio Shack While Supplies Last

Yesterday news broked everywhere that Radio Shack would have iPad 2 available. Quantities and models were unavailable at the moment and we wanted to go and see for ourselves because this was not something expected.

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Livestrong Cases for iPhone and iPad for a Good Cause

If you have been around for sometime now, you might have notice that we've had banners around the blog that promote good causes. For example, we painted our logo pink in October for the Breast Cancer Awareness month and support the work of Susan G Komen. Currently we sport the Tom's banner. Tom's works this way, you buy shoes from them and they give away free shoes to children that need them. One pair sold, is one pair that is given away. The current banner promotes a the "One Day Without Shoes" which will be held in April.

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Radio Shack Takes $50 Off Apple iPhones

Just in time for your Christmas wishes to become true. The Shack has just make an offer hard to let by. The shack has offered to take $50 off a new iPhone from December 4 through December 11. The iPhone lineup pricing will look like this.

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Radio Shack to Offer Discounts Through Foursquare Check-In

Starting today and through September 8, customers that come within 200 meters of a Radio Shack store and checks in with their Foursquare app will receive a message that will have to present to a store associate. This will give the customer a %10 discount on selected products. A radio Shack Foursquare Mayor (a user that has checked in the most at a certain location) will receive a %20 discount. This is one of the many offers that you can find through location-based applications.

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