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Push Email for iCloud and MobileMe Users In Germany Unavailable Due to Ongoing Patent Fight

Recent patent wars are heating up and Apple is on the bad end of the bargain with the latest news today form Engadget where they report that Apple has turn off push email on iCloud and MobileMe in Germany due to an injunction by Motorola. The injunction relates to a current patent war between Motorola and Apple regarding iCloud.

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Apple Working on a Video Recording Stabilization Solution for iOS Devices

According to Patently Apple, a patent surfaced today detailing what it seems to be a way to stabilize video recorded from iOS devices.

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Apple Adds Sony Music to Their Cloud Service

Just yesterday we posted that a CNET report mentioned that Apple had just closed a deal with EMI to participate in their cloud music service. EMI became the second music label to be added as Warner was mentioned to be the first to close the deal.

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Photo Booth for iOS Could Give Instagram a Run for their Money

You all know Instagram, right? The app that allows you to take any picture or edit an already existing one with different filters and upload them to a timeline. You can follow friends and be follow. Well can Photo Booth for iOS make things interesting for Instagram?

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