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Motorola RAZR HD Review

Last year we started reviewing Android and Windows Phone devices in an effort to let you know more about these devices so you can make a better comparison with iOS devices. Last year we reviewed the first Motorola RAZR with Android. Fast forward one year and we have yet another RAZR, the RAZR HD.

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Hands On: Motorola RAZR HD from Claro Puerto Rico

From time to time we like to review other products that doesn't have anything to do with Apple. From Android devices, to Windows Phones and Windows laptop, we like to bring our perspective on these devices. This time we have a Motorola RAZR HD from Claro Puerto Rico.

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Push Email for iCloud and MobileMe Users In Germany Unavailable Due to Ongoing Patent Fight

Recent patent wars are heating up and Apple is on the bad end of the bargain with the latest news today form Engadget where they report that Apple has turn off push email on iCloud and MobileMe in Germany due to an injunction by Motorola. The injunction relates to a current patent war between Motorola and Apple regarding iCloud.

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Motorola Droid RAZR [Review]

From time to time we have the chance here at The iOS Post to try out other devices that are not those from Apple. We are glad to do so as we get to learn from other devices and therefore when it comes the time to have discussions about products we have the experience and knowledge to talk about it.

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Class Action Suit Against Apple, HTC, Samsung and 3 Carriers in the US Over Carrier IQ Scandal

Things are getting serious and is getting uglier. The law firms of Sianni & Straite LLP of Wilmington, DE, Eichen Crutchlow Zaslow & McElroy LLP of Edison, NJ, and Keefe Bartels L.L.C. of Red Bank, NJ, filed a class action complaint in Federal Court in Wilmington, Delaware related to the unprecedented breach of the digital privacy rights of 150 million cellphone users.

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Samsung Mocks iPhone Users on New TV Ad, is that the Right Move?

Samsung really wants to take customers away from Apple with their latest TV ad, which you can see below. They do so by running an ad that mocks at people waiting in line for the latest Apple phone. The thing is that in the past, mocking Apple's customers have not gone that well.

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