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Five Years Since the Original iPhone; The Mobile Device That Changed How We Live

Its been five years since that memorable 2007 Macworld where Apple's CEO Steve Jobs unveiled a product that forever changed, not only the mobile industry, but our lives. On a day like today, June 29, the iPhone started to land on the hands of the first people that adventured to get one, which was very pricey.

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En Route to CTIA Wireless 2012

Wonder what are we doing now? Currently flying over the south of the US en route to New Orleans. That's the city that will host this year's CTIA Wireless.

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See these Incredible Stats About Mobile Phone Usage [Video]

2011 has been the year that has confirmed that mobile is the future. Carried by smartphones and apps, mobile technology seems to be what technology is focusing with services that launch almost daily.

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Adobe to Cease Development of Flash for Mobile Devices

Steve has won, from wherever he is. According to ZDNet's Jason Perlow, Adobe is about to announce that they will cease to developed Flash for mobile devices and focus on, surprise, surprise, HTML5. 

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Tiësto Releases Music Video Completely Recorded Through His Fans' Mobile Phones

One of the most important DJs of electronic music in the world has released in the past days the first ever music video entirely recorder through his fans' mobile phones.

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AT&T to Offer More Affordable Insurance for iPhones

I think you can call this late justice, but since the iPhone launched in 2007 its insurance has been that of Apple Care. The problem with Apple Care is that it doesn't cover accidents or any other type of problem your phone might encounter, other than manufacturing problems. Guess we can call this over.

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Mobli Shares Your Life How It Should Be

The ever-increasing world of social networks have expanded considerably lately. And lately, these social networks are starting from being mobile apps and then migrating to desktops. It used to be the other way around.

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Google Rolls Out Mobile Version of Google Maps for iOS

Google has finally released a mobile version of Google Maps for iOS devices as well as Android devices. The maps offered mostly the same features but lacks the speed that usually comes with native apps. The only advantage is that maps keep updated in contrast with the apps versions which needs an update from either Apple or Google.

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