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Nokia Lumia 900 [Review]

The big news this week has been that Nokia’s flagship device carrying Windows Phone 7 is about to be released in the US, actually tomorrow. The Nokia Lumia 900 has been received with mix reactions, but what do I have to say about it? Here is my review.

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Hands On with the Nokia Lumia 900

We are no strangers to reviewing mobile devices that are not designed by Apple. It helps us keep in touch with other devices in order to form a more informative opinion. This time around, thanks to Tecnético, we have the chance to test the Nokia Lumia 900, the so called flagship device from Nokia with Windows Phone, that goes on sale on April 8.

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Nokia Lumia 800 Review

Here at The iOS Post we review all sorts of stuff related to iOS devices, accessories, Macs, etc. But we also like to review things like Android devices and apps to stay updated with what's out there.

In this case, thanks to Microsoft, Nokia, Claro Puerto Rico and Tecnético, with whom I collaborate, I got to review the latest Windows Phone 7 device, the Nokia Lumia 800.

Here are some of my impressions regarding the device and the OS as a first timer.

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