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This Video Shows How an iPad is Made

After exposing the lies of Mike Daisy regarding Foxconn and Apple on This American Life, Rob Schmitz from Marketplace was granted permission to go to a Foxconn facility in China. Schmitz is just the second member of the media to be granted access; the first one was Bill Weir from ABC.

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Fair Labor Association Releases Results of Investigations at Foxconn

The Fair Labor Association (FLA) has revealed the results of the investigation conducted at Foxconn, one of the major suppliers of Apple. The results were not that good for both Apple and Foxconn. Several violations were found regarding working hours and compensation.

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Apple's Suppliers to be Audited by the Fair Labor Association

Apple announced today that the Fair Labor Association (FLA) will be conducting a series of audits to their suppliers, including Foxconn in Shenzen and Chegdu, China.

Apple has been having a PR nightmare lately due to the multiple reports regarding working conditions at Foxconn.


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Apple TV Arrives in Brazil

Today's Brazil day. First early today Apple opened the doors of the iTunes Store to the people in Brazil along with iTunes Match, and now the Apple TV is on sale on the country.

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