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Vote and Comment on Questions with Highly Addictive iPhone App Thumb

iPhone apps that allow users to vote on statements are not new. We all remember Amen; but few are that addictive and simple. I can surely say I like Amen, but Thumb is a great alternative too.

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Big Update for Amen, the Opinion App for the iPhone

Following great acceptance at launch last year, and backed by many investors, the opinion app Amen has been updated with some great new features. The app continues to evolve and integrate with other social networks.

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Amen Now Available in the App Store

Back in the middle of September we posted about Amen. A site for voting on arguments, "Amen" if you agree, "Hell No" if you don't. At the time, the iOS app was in beta for some users, but today it is available for everyone to enjoy.

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Meet Amen, and It's Nothing Religious

Once in a while we ask ourselves who comes up with the names of companies, apps, etc. This one might confuse you on what it actually is, so bear with me while I explained. The name is Amen and it is nothing with a religious theme.

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