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iOS 6 Maps: How to Report a Location that has Wrong Information

Apple's Maps app on iOS 6 are really bad. I noted that on my review and most of you agree. But while Apple scrambles to fix its many problems, we can actually do something.

Whenever you see an icon of a place on the Maps app, you can tap on it and tap the arrow on the name that appears, This will bring the information regarding that location and a set of options. One of the options is to report a problem.

When you press to report a problem, you will get some options to choose from:

  • Information is incorrect - Here you can set the correct name, address, phone, business hours, website, and category 
  • Pin is at incorrect location - here you will be given the option to place the pin in the correct location
  • Place does not exist - Here you have the option to mark the location as close, incorrect location or other. You get a commenting box where you can explain further.
  • My problem isn't listed - you will get a commenting box where you can explain yourself

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