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INRFood iPhone App Lets You Know the Ingredients in the Food and Whether It is Safe to Consume It

Ever wonder what's in the food you are eating? Even if you already know the ingredients, do you know if they are harmful? If you don't then this app is a must have. It lets you scan a product that will be compared with a database of over 250,000 products and then it will tell you if you should avoid, moderate or if it is safe to consume it.

The app features:

  • Once you scan a product, you will be able to view color-coded ingredients that inform you of their nutritional quality. Ingredients are highlighted in red (avoid), yellow (moderation/cut back), and green (safe/may be nutritious).
  • InRFood also flags medical and cultural alerts for ingredients that may not be suitable for individuals who have allergies (egg, fish, gluten, milk, peanuts, shellfish, soy, tree nuts, wheat), are diabetic, pregnant, have a heart condition, or are vegan or vegetarian. 
  • Our team of dietitians and nutritionists has defined and researched each of our 15,000+ ingredients so that you will know each ingredient’s orgin, function, health effects, and use in other industries. You can also check out videos and conversations pertaining to each and every ingredient and post your comments. 
  • Lastly, InRFood allows you to review and track every ingredient and product you consume. It’s as simple as scanning and pressing “Eat This” and adding it to the list of ingredients for “My Plate.” 

INRFood is available for free in the App Store [iTunes Link].

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