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FX Photo Studio for iPhone [Review]

One of the activities iPhone users practice the most with their devices is taking pictures. Then they think which app to use to edit and share. It's no easy task. Most use Instagram, but there are other choices out there.

One being Facebook Camera, but that only shares to Facebook. There is also Snapseed, Path, Hipstamatic, and many other popular apps. But as time passes, many apps are released, and these make it easier to add some cool effects in just a couple of steps. In this post I detailed my experience with FX Photo Studio for the iPhone.

The app is very intuitive. It opens to a screen where you can select to import an image from Facebook or iTunes documents, from the camera roll, or take a photo. 

Once you select the photo you are given the choice to crop it to your desired size. You click donde and then you are taken to the main editing window. Here you have few options under "tools" to crop, rotate and adjust (brightness/contrast, Hue/Saturation, Gamma). 

Another option is to use Color Splash, were you can paint black and white or colored specific spots on the image. In this case I colored myself and left the rest of the image in black and white. You can select the opacity and size of the brush. Although in this particular option, while you use the brush there is no "loupe" effect where you could see when you are hitting the borders; you can tap the eye icon at the top to see everything you paint red.

Personally I preferred the "loupe" effect, which can be found on ColorStrokes (also developed by MacPhun, creators of FX Photo Studio), which makes it far easier, as well as convenient.

FX Studio allows you to add text with different styles. This add more personalization to your edits, other than just effects.

And it is precisely the effects that I left for last. There is a vast number of effects (almost 200) that you can apply to images. There so many effects that you will spend a lot of time trying to get the look that you want. And just for fun, hit the "dice" icon in the effects menu to see a random effect. You can combined them to create a unique image every time.  

Some of the effects act like photo frames, others like "stickers", like the ones with butterflies and cupids.

Once you finish editing the image, you can select from various options to share (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram), print or save to your device. There are options to add to the clipboard, export to other thrid-party apps and even add it to a postacard.

MacPhun, the people behind FX Photo Studio added the postcard service which lets you add your edited image to a postcard and send it to anywhere you want in the world. You add the image and add a message, all done very easily.

Create an account, add your credit card information, add the shipping address and your done. One postcard costs $1.99. Delivery times in the US is 1-2 days, while internationally can take up to a week.

Certainly FX Photo Studio packs a lot of tools in just a $0.99 iPhone app. From effects, color splash option, editing tools and sharing options in this app are simply everything you need these days.

The postcard service is simply an added value that can't be taken lightly.

The user interface is simple and organized; you won't get lose using this app. I couldn't find any particular bugs, even with iOS 6. One key feature, one that I really like, is that the app supports high resolution images, meaning it can save apps with original resolution, something not many apps of its category do.

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