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Disposable Phone Numbers for Your iPhone Are Just a Tap Away with Burner

Many people will find this app handy, not the right kind of people anyways. Burner makes possible to have disposable phone numbers right on your iPhone. 

These numbers can be use with services or with people that you know will meet only once, like when you are selling something online, etc.

The app works using credits to buy the numbers, mini-burners. These can last up to 20 minutes of voice time, 60 text messages or 7 days; it all depends on what comes first. You can get rid of the number at any time, works with any are code, including internationally. You can extend the duration of the number in the settings. There are different packages of credits, starting at $1.99 for 3 credits.

It doesn't support MMS, and it is not for calling 911.

It features:

  • Get calls or SMS’s to your Burner number
  • Make outbound calls and texts, or reply to inbounds, with your Burner number
  • View convenient threaded conversations with each caller
  • Turn the ringer and SMS on and off to let calls and texts ring through to your phone line, or go straight to a professional but anonymous voicemail
  • Add each one to your address book (or not), so you’ll get caller ID when the lines ring
  • See a history of calls, texts, and voicemails, and take notes on callers (or delete them)
  • Reply via SMS or voice using your burner number
  • Stay private - never reveal your real number or let callers through to your real phone’s answering machine. “Burn” or trade in your virtual number at the click of a button, instantly taking it out of service and deleting it from your phone

For those thinking of making pranks or actually make any harm, you must remember that it is all tied up to your actual phone line and downloading the app ties you to a record on iTunes as well if you buy credits for phone numbers (mini-burners). This only hides the phone number from the person you are calling, instead of showing "unknown" if you were to call privately.

The app is available for $1.99 in the App Store [iTunes Link].

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