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Battery Status for Mac Keeps You Informed of How Much Juice Your Wireless Accessories Have Left

Image: Taylor Marks

Have Mac accessories lying around? Then this app might come handy. It is called Battery Status and it displays on the menu bar how much battery is left on those devices. The app also tells you when was the last time you replaced the battery in that device and an estimate of when the battery will die.

Also for Macbooks, it give you

  • The battery's current percent.
  • An estimate of how long the battery will take to fully charge (even if it's not plugged in.)
  • An estimate of how long the battery can last (even if it's still plugged in.)
  • The number of charge cycles on the battery.
  • The percent of the design capacity that the battery is currently able to utilize.

The app also has a handy feature that allows to see the battery status of Macs on the same network.

For now, the wireless accessories supported with this app are Apple's wireless mice, trackpads, keyboards and Macbooks.

The app is available for $1.99 in the Mac App Store [Link].

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