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iOS 101: Options in the Multitask Bar

Apple introduced the multitask bar with iOS 4, and quite frankly it is more like a section where you can find the most recently opened apps where you can access them fast by double clicking the home button on your iOS device (iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch). Rather than the apps running in the background, they're just "paused". Here are a couple of things you can find in the multitask bar other than apps.

Again, you can open the multitask bar by double clicking the home button from anywhere you are.

  • Pause/Play/Skip/Back - you can do all these on any audio app you are using at a given moment. Just double click the home button, swipe to the right to reveal these options, along the audio app you are using at that moment.

  • Lock/Unlock screen orientation - this option appears as an icon on the left of the audio options (see image above). Double click the home button to reveal the multitask bar, swipe to the right and you will see the icon to the left. If it has a lock on the center (image above, left), the screen orientation is lock to Portrait. If not, you can place the iOS device on Landscape and the screen will rotate when the app you are using enables it. To lock or unlock orientation, just tap on that icon.

  • Volume control - you can also control de volume from the multitask bar. Double click the home button to reveal the multitask bar, swipe to the right two times and you will see the volume control slider.

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