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Tweetbot for Mac Beta Released, But Only to Those Using the Alpha Version

Tapbots have issued the first Beta of Tweetbot for Mac. The update comes with certain statements regarding accounts because Twitter's new API rules have affected the trial period.

First, Tapbots pull the Alpha version earlier this week because, due to the public nature of the Alpha, users that were part of it were taking space out of the 100,000 tokens that Twitter has restricted apps to. This means that every token represents a Twitter account, if you are like me and have two, then that means you are taking two tokens, or spaces.

Tapbots said that Twitter will not allow to go back whenever the public version is ready and those who already have been using the Alpha version are already taking the tokens available.

All these adds up to the fact that now that the Beta version is out, only those who already had their hands on the Alpha will be able to use it. There's one catch:

you can’t add or reauthorize any accounts. If you delete an account or de-authorize an existing account you will not be able to add it again until the final version comes out.

The first beta update includes:

  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Can paste images into new tweet window again
  • Can copy tweets on timeline
  • Can do ‘open in new column’ (they also have keyboard shortcuts)
  • Multi-column swiping and keyboard support much improved. Use tab shift/tab to move between columns.
  • Better keyboard support: status detail + many other views
  • Profile view: can scroll user information so can see more tweets
  • Drag and drop tweets has been improved
  • Gap loading works properly now
  • Context click on tweet action buttons in timeline

Again only those who already are using the Alpha can use the Beta version and can be downloaded here.

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