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MotionX GPS Drive Update Brings iPad Support, Full-screen Map, Lane Guidance, and More

MotionX GPS Drive for the iPhone has been updated to include new features that makes the app an obvious choice for navigation, at least until Apple's Maps app hit on iOS 6, but even then, the iPhone 4 and previous versions won't have the navigation feature. MotionX GPS Drive now also supports the iPad natively.

Included in the update:

  • New active lane guidance for complex intersections, highway interchanges and exits 
  • New speed limit display shows current speed, along with a visual warning when you are exceeding the speed limit (customize in Settings > Map Settings)
  • New full-screen map view lets you see more of the road while navigating 
  • New option for Facebook check-in when you arrive at your destination 
  • New option to quickly access the directions list from the map view 
  • New option to reverse the order of the directions list (Menu > Settings > General) 
  • New Universal Binary customized for iPhone and iPad

MotionX GPS Drive is available for $0.99 in the App Store [iTunes Link].

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