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The Justice League: Earth's Final Defense Game for iPhone and iPad Now Available

As we posted two weeks ago, the Justice League was about to land in the iOS App Store and they just did. Justice League: Earth's Final Defense is now available and it features fan favorites from the DC Universe Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Flash.

It features:

  • It’s 3D Action Game - When you play JUSTICE LEAGUE: Earth’s Final Defense, you can have 3D action experience controlling JUSTICE LEAGUE Heroes in New52 styled suit.
  • You can play 5 heroes: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Flash.
  • Stop the evil forces through 4 chapters and 20 episodes among 3 difficulty levels
  • The heroes throw away and pursuit the enemies with combo action.
  • With level up and stat point system, your heroes can be more powerful.
  • Each hero has 12 skills. You can upgrade and use the special skills.
  • From classic to the New 52 costumes are available and each hero has 5 suits which gives them more power.
  • You will have your mission in Metropolis, Gotham City, Watch Tower, Hall of Doom and the other fictional places.
  • You have to fight all the evil forces: Luthor, Joker, Killer Croc, Ares, Sinestro, Gorilla Grodd, etc.
  • Your rank and reward depend upon the battle, combo and the clear time score.
  • You will experience Superman’s Freezing Breath, Batman’s Bat Swarm, Flash’s Speed Force, and other amazing skills.
  • You can collect 30 support hero cards and view the cool illustrations in full screen.

The game is available as a universal app (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) in the App Store [iTunes Link] for $2.99 for the first week as a promotion.

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