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LifeProof Case for iPhone [Review]

LifeProof is one of the best-known brands when it comes to protection of an iPhone from the elements. Summer brings the opportunity to put our iPhones on the beach, and underwater, to take fun photos. But in the process we can get sand, dust, and even drop it. LifeProof offers protection to all that all packed in a thin design.

I spent time with a LifeProof case, with two actually, and here are my thoughts.


The design of the LifeProof case is thin, considering it gives protection from drops, water, dust, and snow. It consist of two parts; the front has all the access it needs to the front-facing camera, sensors, buttons, headphone jack, and even spaces for the speaker and microphone to go through the case.

It also has a screen film that protects the screen from the elements while still receiving touch inputs. 

The back part has access to the camera and contains the latch that closes the case into place. 


The LifeProof case has been made to work with the environment. It is waterproof for up to 6.6 ft. in depth, and shockproof for drops up to 4 ft. in height on to concrete. It is also resistant to snow; the case is sealed from snow and ice. And finally the case is dustproof, resistance to dust and even the finest particle, mud.

One of the most popular features the case has is definitely waterproof. People want to take their iPhones to the beach and the pool to take pictures. But the LifeProof case also lets you listen to music on the water. The case comes with an accessory dub the “bung”, which it screws in and seals off the headphone jack for getting in contact with water. Combined with waterproof headphones, which LifeProof sells separately, you can listen to it with no problems at all.

LifeProof with "bung" accessory

You can talk under the rain without worrying whether water would get in. Very good for when you are talking while running under the rain to get into your car.

The Good 

All the protection you might need offered by a thin case. Not heavy, not bulky, the LifeProof case is certainly a great option, without compromising style.

The Bad 

I stated the design is thin, which is good in terms of aesthetics, but most people would drop their phones from higher than 4 ft.

Also I had issues at times when touching the screen as it wouldn't take my finger inputs as I would've like. Other cases offer this screen protecting film and they register inputs easier than the one in the Lifeproof case.

And finally, the case is fragile when it you open it. Follow instructions on how to open it properly or else you could bend the back part of the case and loos the waterproof capabilities. The smallest space between the front and back part can give access to water when it is underwater. 

If you bend it, most likely the damage can be seen on the bottom part, close to where the latch is covering the "30-pin dock".


The LifeProof case offers great protection features that makes it very attractive to all iPhone users. But with all this power comes great responsibility. The case is fragile in one point, when it is time top open it. 

Treat it with care and don’t bend the back part when opening it, or else, the waterproof features will be gone. It will still protect you from rain, spills, and all of I have mention, but not under water.

You can get more information regarding this case and how to get it by visiting LifeProof's website.

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