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Twist iPhone App Lets People Know When You'll Arrive

Location apps are on the rise, but this one has a twist. It combines a feature an app such as Forecast had, which is let people know when you will arrive at a certain place. The difference is that with Forecast you guesstimate, with this new app call Twist, the app calculates how much it will take you to arrive.

It features: 

  • Twist accurately calculates your arrival time to a specified destination and privately shares your ETA with only those that you choose. 
  • Twist merges the best features of your iPhone (maps, traffic, calendar, SMS, photos, recommendations, email, check-in and chat) into a single easy-to-use mobile application. 
  • Twist utilizes proprietary GPS and cell tower data algorithms to minimize battery drain. 

Apps like this are not new, but certainly Twist is very appealing both in UI and features. One key problem with these apps is that the GPS stays on. Twist is said to minimize the impact the battery life can received because of this. I'll be testing it to see if it works well.

Get Twist for free in the App Store [iTunes Link] now.

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