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Hands On: Lifeproof iPhone 4/4S Case

Not so long ago a couple of our readers started to ask us about Lifeproof cases for the iPhone. They wanted to know if they really protected the iPhone under water. My honest answer was that we haven't read of any complaints so far, but that we couldn't recommend something we haven't tested.

So I took the advantage that I went to CTIA in New Orleans and talked with the company directly and they were kind enough to agree to send us, not only the case our readers wanted us to review, but also some other accessories.

In this case we talked about the case which is said to protect an iPhone 4 or 4S under water for up to 6.6ft.

The case is said to also protect against damage from dust, snow and even against drops from 6.6 ft in height.

In the light of the upcoming Armor series by OtterBox, which is also waterproof, but also dustproof, and even crushproof, this review is more than relevant to help you make a decision of which case you should have for the summer.

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