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Instagram 2.5 for iPhone [Review]

Instagram shipped yesterday their biggest update since being acquired by Facebook. Although the acquisition still under review by many agencies, Instagram continues to integrate Facebook on its app. yesterday's update brings much needed enhancements to how the app looks and optimizations that will make users very happy.

New Explore tab

The very first thing you notice is a new Explore tab on the bottom. It is what it used to be the Popular tab. Here you will find the most popular photos, like before, but now it is here that will have the search users and tags feature, instead of the Profile tab.

Also, the Profile tab has changed a bit and now when you tap it you won't see the settings, you will rather see your profile, just like the Android's version. On the top right corner you will now see the Settings gear where you will find the usual settings plus new Push Notifications settings.

Also there you will find a new feature that allows users to post their likes directly to Facebook. At first the toggle didn't appear, I had to unlink my Facebook account an linked it again to have the option to turn on the feature.

New Commenting keyboard

One key feature not listed on yesterday's update, but falls under "improvements to commenting" is that there is a new keyboard that has the "@" and the "#" keys. That saves time when commenting and having to press an additional key when mentioning a user.

Instagram 2.5 improvements, visual ones and feature ones, are really welcome and definitely improves the overall experience. Try it out by downloading it now from the App Store [iTunes Link].

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