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Facebook "Find Friends Nearby" Feature Sneaks into the iPhone App

Facebook continues to add features that makes it easy to make friends. This time, a feature we have seen in iOS apps is available through Facebook's mobile website and very hidden in their iOS app. It is called "Find Friends Nearby" and basically gives you a list of people that are close to you that you can friend.

It works like this:

In Facebook's iOS app go to Menu > Apps > Find Friends > Other Tools > Find Friends Nearby.

People who are nearby and have that very same page open will appear on the list. Those that whish to activate it can go to on their mobile browser. 

This feature is key in such apps like Highlight that got very popular a couple of months ago, but is also part of Glancee, an iPhone app that was acquired by Facebook not that long ago. But as TechCrunch reports, Glancee did not take part on Find Friends Nearby, it was rather created by a Facebook engineer in a hackathon and it was named Friendshake.

Some people might find that a feature that lets you know who is near you is creepy, but many apps have features that, although work different from FFN or Highlight, they also let you know who is close to you.

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