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Groupon Buys Recommendations App Ditto, Goes Offline on April 30

Just over a year ago I have the chance to chat with Jyri Engestrom, founder of microblogging platform Jaiku, former Googler and at the moment founder of Ditto, an iPhone app that goes beyond checking in at locations.

At the time Engestrom explained that Ditto is a recommendation app, a service based on recommendations users gave each other, giving space for discovery.

News broke last night that Ditto was acquired by daily specials site Groupon. No details on how much the sale was valued at.

The announcement was made through Ditto's blog and they said Groupon share the company's vision, which has to be the recommendations share by users, therefore creating a community.

Ditto didn't reveal what they working on of course, but it is not that hard to see. Groupon will be incorporating the service to create a community that share their experiences at certain places.

Because of this acquisition, Ditto will be shutting off its service on April 30 and yanked away its app from the App Store.

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