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Get Over It: New Voice Feature on Google Search for iOS and Siri Do Not Compete with Each Other

Google finally released the long awaited update to its Search app for iOS. The app was anticipated since August when the company teased the new voice search functionality, which is similar to Google Now on Android 4.1. It wasn't long when the "Google Search's New Voice Feature Destroys Siri" headlines started to appear and the reality is that those headlines are dead wrong.

Let me explain; the new Voice Search feature inside Google's Search app for iOS is very slick. The feature works very good, understands you very well and I particularly like the idea of displaying the text while you are talking; it even corrects the text being displayed as it analyzes what you are saying.

I would say that 98% of the time the app would get it right and could beat Siri.

Now here's the issue. Siri and the new Voice Search on the Google Search iOS app do not compete directly. You see, Google Search can't interact with other apps; Siri can, that's why it is called "Personal Asistant". Siri can also open apps, send messages, post to Facebook or Twitter and much more. Google Search is only that, search.

Google Search doesn't have integration with other apps or iOS itself, which is a clear disadvantage.

Would I like this new Voice feature on Google Search to have access to iOS? Absolutely, no doubt about it; is either that or Apple really makes Siri worth using. Google Now is the real threat to Siri, but we don't have that on iOS. 

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