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Capture 360° Videos with Your iPhone 4 and 4S with the Kogeto dot

There are lots of options to extending the iPhone's capabilities when it comes to its camera. There are lenses for fish-eye, wide-angle, but how about 360° video capture? We have a close encounter before with the GoPano thanks to friend Giovanni Pandolfi who showed me an early version of it a couple of months ago. I have a chance to meet the makers of the Kogeto dot at CES and this one I really liked.

The difference between the GoPano and the Kogeto dot is that the GoPano is a case, while the dot is a snap-on that can easily be removed. The GoPano places the 360° lens on top of the power button, like a periscope, while the dot places the lens like an add-on on the iPhone's camera lens.

Image: Kogeto

The resulting video from the Kogeto dot can be viewed on any browser and you can click and drag around to see the entire 360°. You can share the video to Facebook, Twitter, email and dotspots, a Kogeto site for dot users and viewers can drag around to see the entire view.

The Kogeto dot is available for $79 and comes in different colors. Thanks to Jeff Glasse, founder and CEO of Kogeto, we have one to review and we should be posting one very soon.

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