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iOS Users Spend More Time Playing Than Those on Android

Nielsen released recently a study related to apps used on mobile devices. The study measured apps downloaded in the last 30 days. What does the study showed? Let’s go over it.

  • %93 of those who downloaded apps in the last 30 days re willing to pay for apps.
  • The average mobile gamer plays an average of 7.8 hours a month.
  • Users with iPhones (iOS), Windows 7 phones or Android phones are the most likely to have downloaded the games they played.
  • Those with Blackberry phones or feature phones (non “smartphones” phones) tend to play pre-loaded games. 

By category, the most downloaded apps were games with %64 of the downloaded apps, followed closely by weather apps with %60. With this in perspective, which of those users with Android, iPhone or Windows Phone 7 spent the most time playing?

The winner is the iPhone, or iOS devices, which in average play 14.7 hours each month, while Android users play 9.3 hours per month

That’s one of the reasons while developers prefer to have their games on iOS. iOS users like to get apps, download them, use them, play with them and are willing to pay for them.

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