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Windows Phone 7 Connector Now Available in the Mac App Store

Windows has made available their Windows Phone 7 Coonector app on the Mac App Store that allows users to sync media content between their Macs and Windows Phone 7 device or Zune HD. Previously, since October this was running as a Beta.

Features include:

  • Sync Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Podcasts from your iTunes library to your devices (Only non-DRM files are supported).
  • Sync photos and videos, from your iPhoto library, to your devices.
  • Retrieve photos and video, taken on your Windows phone, and automatically import them into you iPhoto library.
  • Browse and preview media items located on your devices.
  • Download and install operating system updates for your Windows Phone

This app requires that your device is a Windows Phone 7, on any carrier, or Zune HD and that your running Mac OS X 10.6.6. It is available for free in the Mac App Store.

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