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iPhone 4S Makes its Way to a Third Carrier in Puerto Rico Today

The iPhone has been present in Puerto Rico for a couple of years now through AT&T. The exclusivity that reigned over the US also reigned over Puerto Rico. As the exclusivity of AT&T disappeared early this year it was just time before some other carriers offer the iPhone.

With the addition of Sprint, Puerto Rico saw the iPhone being offered in two carriers, as Verizon doesn't have a presence in the island, at least not for consumers like in the US. 

Earlier this week Claro, property of America Móvil, announced that it would start offering it beginning November 11. It now becomes the third carrier to offer the iPhone. Certainly Claro has offered the iPhone in other countries, but due to AT&T's exclusivity it was not available in Puerto Rico.

Claro comes ready, offering an iPhone 4S model of 16GB at just $99 with 2 year contract. They also offered an unlimited plan of data, competing head to head with Sprint. AT&T doesn't offer it anymore.

There was certainly a group of people were waiting for this carrier to offer it. Let's see if they respond now and grab one.

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