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Office for Mac 2011 Review


We wanted to spend some time with it, like always, before making any judgement on this. Office for Mac 2011 is a long awaited update from Microsoft to its Office suite on the Mac. We can agree that this latest versions makes justice for Mac users, bringing Office 2010 features to the Mac and compatibility with the Windows version is enhanced greatly.

Let’s start with Word. Word on Office for Mac 2011 brings even more functionality with a great array of new features. Not only you have multiple options for different documents, the user interface has been enhanced to closely resemble the Windows version. On the bottom left corner you will find the different options to view the current document and you can even work in full-screen view. With many options to edit and customize the look of your document Word 2011 makes it easier to write, edit and post, print and share via email and /or SkyDrive. Adding media is even easier, no matter if it is music, video or images. I can honestly say that I’m pretty much satisfied with this version.

Now, on to PowerPoint. PowerPoint is an app that I have come to use frequently to project my presentations. To be honest, I preferred Apple’s Keynote, but when I have had o project them I usually have a PC at my disposal to use for the presentation so I don’t really have much choice, other than use PowerPoint. Aside from the usual sharing options like the rest of the apps on the Office suite, PowerPoint 2011 gives you the chance to enhance your presentation in many ways. Now you have the chance to edit and retouch photos inside the app. A feature call Presenter View will allow you to practice, time and takes notes from your presentation. And finally you can broadcast your presentation online and save your time from traveling.

Now, the app works better than the last edition. Works faster, seamlessly and very similar User Interface to that on Office 2010 for PC’s. There are far better options to customize your presentation with more transitions and media options. Templates there are not much more from last version, but there are some more. I could say that I certainly like it far more than the last one.

I’m not going to spend much time on Excel. It seems that not much change since the last version, other than an improved UI and sharing options. There are more options to view graphics from the input data.

Office 2011 for Mac also brings Outlook for the first time on the Mac. Works really great. You can customize the alerts and works with a great number of email clients. I’ve currently use it with one of my Google accounts and my MobileMe account. Notifications work seamlessly and the UI, although not that very user friendly like the version on PC’s is very acceptable. Office for Mac also brings MSN Messenger 8, which finally brings video-chat to the Mac. UI seems improved but still there are not that many options to customize the experience. Still, both of this apps are more than welcome on the Mac platform and we hope they continue to improve it.

A quick opinion, Office for Mac 2011 has revamped its apps UI, sharing options, works faster and brings Outlook. Compatibility with the Windows version has been improved greatly, but there are issues fro time to time, but definitely fewer than the last version. Would you buy it? Well the Home and Student option price tag is at $149.99, while the Home and Business, which brings Outlook is tagged at $279.99. If you really use Outlook, ad you can afford buying it, is a more than welcome addition to the Office suite.

Do you already have it? What do you think of it?


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