About Us

Gustavo Franceschini - Founder, Editor and Writer

Ponce, Puerto Rico

Contact: gustavo@TheiOSpost.com

Founded iTavo Blog in April 2009 as a Blogger.com Blog. The purpose was to have a resource for friends to look for the latest info, tips and tutorials about Apple products to help them make the most out of it. In May 2010 it became the site that it is today and it has been modified over the months to meet the needs of the readers and take a more simplistic look. In December 2010, we started our collaboration with Tecnetico in the Macnetico section, a section dedicated for Apple users, giving us even more exposition to a Spanish reading audience.

In March 2011 we made our biggest change yet. Going from iTavo Blog to The iOS Post. The change was done in order to adjust to the reality that the blog is not one person anymore. We chose to change because it has become a more serious poposal.

In 2011 and beyond, our goal is to continue to gain readers and expanding to meet even more needs from our readers.

In June 2nd, 2014 a new simpler and mobile centric website is launched.